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Function of intelligent tool cabinet


The operation is very simple:
The intelligent tool cabinet is composed of hardware system and software management system, which can manage different types of tools transparently, automatically and cooperately, and greatly improve production efficiency. Can support remote control, query, print all kinds of reports and other functions, and can be connected with enterprise ERP\MES, through the touch screen, face recognition, ID card control locker door open and close to achieve access, automatic counting, 7 days 24 hours unattended distribution, system data can be timed automatic backup. According to the search conditions to obtain, statistical tools. It can also realize real-time statistics and statistics of the specified time period of the tool. The equipment is fully closed, which can effectively avoid dust, sun damage and other normal operation, storage, query and so on. Can realize intelligent distribution and recovery, save labor costs; Effectively prevent and reduce tool loss and theft; Simplify the registration process of tools in and out of the warehouse; Avoid manual supervision caused by mistakes, avoid inventory shortage or oversight; Track and accurately locate missing tools to achieve an appropriate return on investment in terms of reduced tool replacement costs, regulatory time costs, and improved efficiency.



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