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In the era of 4.0, intelligent production is the highlight -- intelligent tool cabinet


4.0 era, intelligent production is the highlight - intelligent tool cabinet
Intelligent production involves many links, many categories, simple a link, a workshop, a business of intelligence can not be called "intelligent production", it is necessary to form a complete system. After years of development, Haier has carried out layout in production process, logistics support, supply chain management, management, talent management and other aspects around the center of household appliance production, realizing the close connection of all aspects, so that the interconnected factory is not only the modification of the factory, but also the modification of an ecological system, overturning the whole system and process of the enterprise arrangement. So as to quickly meet the personalized needs of users in the Internet era.


The operation is very simple:
Tool supply → to tool cabinet → login system (fingerprint/scan/work card) → Tool bar code scanning/input product material number → Tool cabinet master move out the corresponding drawer → Put/take out the corresponding tool and close the drawer → Tool cabinet actively calculate the quantity for storage → print credentials → credentials and documents review
If the process of production is intelligent, then the industrial products as finished products can also be intelligent. This is not difficult to understand. What smart bracelets, smart bicycles, smart running shoes and other intelligent hardware you see are all in this idea. It is to use the product as a data acquisition terminal to continuously collect users' data and upload it to the cloud to facilitate users' handling.
One of the central differences between German-American Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet is to do smart factories first or smart products first. Germany wants the former, America the latter. As for our country, we deal with plus or minus this thing. Either plus or minus.
The whole process of industry 4.0 is the continuous integration of initiative and information, and also the process of defining the world from the beginning with software.
hrc intelligent tool cabinet adopts the Hangruicheng Smart Shelve tool handling system. The tool cabinet is a fine equipment with high-precision sensors, which can actively count and open preset cells to achieve the intelligent handling of tools/materials. Up to now, Hangruicheng Smart Shelve has realized 3 years and 6 months of professional production line application operation and ERP system docking test work, and the pilot factory has been running intelligent tool cabinet on line, the effect is outstanding. For the next step in the enterprise comprehensive promotion tool cabinet accumulated valuable experience. Smart Shelve intelligent system "from the input of instructions to get the tool, only 30 seconds" to complete the operation process, for realizing the rapid supply of tools, reduce the tool inventory has laid a solid foundation.
HRC concentrate on intelligent storage for 12 years!! Waiting for new and old customers to call us to discuss cooperation. Innovation is a gene into the navigation, innovation value lies in the application.

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