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What are the most troublesome problems in tool management?


What are the most vexing problems with tool management?
Smart factory is a new stage of modern factory information development. However, senior factory managers know that intelligence is a long-term improvement process. Only by focusing on the solution of specific problems can we slowly build the wall of highly intelligent enterprises.
Challenges of tool management
Does your factory have the following problems:
1. The tool management is chaotic and the waste is large;
2. Materials missing and wrong delivery happen from time to time, and even lead to workpiece scrap;
3. Excessive material request by workers, which cannot be effectively monitored;
4. Cumbersome process of receiving and returning, affecting production efficiency;
5. Lack of materials can not be timely feedback, may lead to material cut off stop;
6. The quantity of cutting tools is not scientifically predicted, and the inventory is short/excessive;
7. The recycling of discarded tools and the secondary utilization management of repairing and sharpening tools are loose;
8. It is difficult to collect data of monthly tool statements, supervise abnormal consumption, and the warehouse manager cannot control material requisition;
9. Warehouse management personnel shall be arranged for receiving materials on night shift.


The intelligent tool cabinet is an integrated system of 24 hours automatic material requisition, statistics, recovery and management. The system consists of intelligent management station, big data server and client management software. Through the precise binding, monitoring and real-time analysis of human, machine and material, it can effectively reduce production cost, improve production efficiency and improve management level for enterprises.

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