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HRC Automation Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely invites agents for win-win cooperation


HRC Automation Technology Co., Ltd. pay attention to customer first, honest and sincere service concept. No matter for customers, employees, or third party partners, we have always been adhering to the integrity of the cooperation attitude. The first host advocates "integrity and integrity, to provide intimate first service". On the level of cooperation of agents, we try our best to make more profit space to the agent partners. We also launch for the operator three to five months of the "space" zero cost plan "can easily generate the exquisite website of enterprise personalized. And have a large number of personality templates to choose from, to help you better provide your customers with the highest service!
We have been adhering to the business philosophy of customer first and sincere service, realizing the importance of integrity and service, the company adopts the three-hand mode: Grasp pre-sales, grasp after-sales, grasp service, clear to people, to implement things, the company set up 7*24 hours refund, open telephone, the immediate guarantee of user reputation, Hang Rui Cheng has been holding customers more than everything, there are problems to solve the problem, never delay the customer, not to perfunctory any customer, encounter any problem we are always dare to face, never escape, In this respect has also been the majority of users, the industry recognition and affirmation, the company in the spirit of sincere, to the letter, to fine, to good corporate culture, determined to achieve the international Internet has a powerful representative of the enterprise and continuous efforts and innovation.

蘇州航瑞成自動化智能系統誠招代理 合作共贏

HRC Automation Technology Co., Ltd. , has its own independent technology and factory, constantly research and development of new products to serve the public, the company's main services: Intelligent tool cabinet, intelligent shelf, intelligent preservation cabinet, automatic conveying line, automatic sorting system, vehicle conveying system and other intelligent system services, the company has been adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, create value for customers, employees and society" of the company philosophy!

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