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What are the specifications of hangruicheng Suzhou intelligent shelf?


Intelligent shelf is the basis of intelligent warehouse management. The single chip microcomputer in the intelligent warehouse is installed on the intelligent shelf. The software of the smart shelf is controlled by the management host, but the smart shelf can also run independently when the distributed system is adopted.
(1) Opening operation of shelves: it can complete warehouse management, delivery management, goods storage location query, inventory item query, item file retrieval, data backup and recovery, report summary printing, etc.
(2) Operation of distributing goods: First, search and find in the inventory query, the system will automatically display the storage location (a certain area, a certain column, a certain section, a certain layer), store the goods will automatically open the shelf, and rewrite the inventory according to the amount taken out.
Suzhou Hangrui into intelligent system service provider, the main research and development of intelligent shelves have many specifications, mainly for the following:
First, intelligent shelf single layer


Two, intelligent shelf single scale 


Three. Other types of intelligent shelves


Four, intelligent supporting loadometer intelligent platform


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