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Hangruicheng intelligent series knowledge: what is intelligent shelf?


1. Real-time monitoring system based on Web B/S structure Interne, cloud database MySQL database software, realize real-time monitoring, can set a low and high inventory alarm system, historical record query, real-time networking with ERP, prevent single product misplacement alarm system, real-time weighing calibration, judge whether to notify the supplier of restocking by email.
2. Realized through the LAN web version of the intelligent shelf system, real-time monitoring, real-time accurate reflection of the use of the current parts.
3. Alarm can be set for all material numbers. When the material number is lower than the set lower limit or higher than the set upper limit, an email will be sent automatically to notify the production material staff, warehouse management personnel or external suppliers of timely replenishment, so as to reduce personnel allocation and material cost of the operator's factory.
4. Real-time production, records can be realized through the local LAN or the Internet version of the web interface to view the records in and out of storage. Reduce production inventory cost and personnel cost. Reduce downtime due to material problems.
5. External suppliers can log in via the Internet to view real-time data or query historical records. Through real-time monitoring of raw materials, operators can realize zero inventory management within the company, and produce and use a raw material according to the weekly settlement or monthly settlement period to make settlement reference through query records.
6. Compare with time and quantity to realize automatic comparison and automatic replenishment. Manual replenishment record.
7. The unmanned warehouse management system can be realized by manual replenishment function in case of irregular goods; Record the use and replenishment records of each employee. Customize different permissions to take goods according to employee permissions.

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