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What is the difference between HRC intelligent tool cabinet and traditional tool


The advent of the intelligent age will not only drive the progress of technology, but also drive the transformation of economic and social forms and innovative forms, and finally bring us efficiency, convenience and security in our life and work.
So what is the difference between hrc intelligent tool storage cabinet and traditional tool cabinet?
hrc Intelligent Tool Storage Cabinet Advantages:
· Achieve 24/7 unattended distribution

· Multi-level password management functions
· Emergency knife taking after power failure
· System data can be automatically backed up periodically
· The tool can be obtained and counted according to the search conditions
· Real-time tool statistics and statistics in specified time period can be realized
· The equipment is fully enclosed, which can effectively avoid the damage of dust and sunlight
· Better (personnel) safety protection functions; For example, prevent electric shock and so on
· Support the selection of different time, different suppliers and other conditions to calculate the amount of knives used
· Safety stock can be set, and when it is lower than the safety stock, an order email can be automatically sent to the scheduled supplier and our purchasing department
· Other normal exit, storage and query operations

Traditional tool cabinet has obvious advantages over hrc intelligent tool cabinet in price, but strong labor costs and data omissions also make it fatal.

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