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Intelligent tool cabinet helps you analyze industrie4 0 is industry or industry?


Does the current buzzword Industrie4.0 refer to industry 4.0 or industry 4.0? Today, the small edition of hrc intelligent tool cabinet will help you sort out and analyze it.
The German Industrie corresponds to the English word industry, which is translated as both industry and industry. So, under what circumstances does it translate to industry and under what circumstances does it translate to industry? This is important. The connotation and extension of industry and industry are qualitatively different.
Some people may feel that it is not necessary to be so demanding to translate industry or industry. Some words have been agreed that industry and industry are equivalent here. For professionals, they may understand Industrie or Industry in this equivalent sense, but in the sense of the whole society, it will still cause misunderstanding. After all, for a long time, what we said was only a concept mainly corresponding to manufacturing Industry, industry is a holistic concept, not and cannot only refer to manufacturing industry. It is not a question of translation, but of how to understand and grasp the industrial evolution and industrial revolution, as well as how to think and promote industrial upgrading and development.

The First sub-industrial Revolution was appropriate because it meant that Industry 1.0(mechanization) was born, that new power and new tools were revolutionized, and that it revolutionized both handicraft and agriculture. An industry called manufacture or the manufacturing industry was born, and new ways of producing agriculture were made possible.
It makes sense that the invention of electricity, which can be found everywhere and all the time, has brought Industry (here mainly manufacturing) from its 1.0 to 2.0(electrified) era. It revolutionized manufacturing and agriculture (especially in large scale farming areas) to a new level and level. Therefore, human society moved from a single agricultural society into an industrial society, where industry is manufacturing. In short, these two industrial revolutions created a new industry -- manufacturing.
Third Industry Revolution, Fourth Industry Revolution, third industry revolution, fourth industry revolution. This is because, on behalf of 3.0 information and 4.0 intelligence, revolutionary changes are no longer from the manufacturing industry, but from the service industry, here, the service industry mainly refers to the producer service industry. We don't have to start with the familiar information (the information technology revolution has split the information industry into information technology manufacturing and information technology services), but just start with intelligence.
Intelligent service is the higher service provided by producer services. The concept of Industry 4.0 proposed by Germany, on the one hand, carries profound reflection; on the other hand, it tries to develop intelligent services on a large scale to improve the level and quality of German economy as a whole. Germany is a large country of advanced manufacturing, which contributes an important part of its economic growth, enabling it to maintain a certain growth in the financial crisis and European debt crisis.
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