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Shandong Zhenting Seiko mould management case


I. Introduction of Shandong Zhenting
Shandong Zhenting Seiko Piston Co., Ltd. is a privately-owned enterprise specializing in the production of automobiles, motorcycles, general gasoline engines, diesel engines and various internal combustion engines, air compressors, compressor pistons, piston pins. Existing piston processing production line 60, with an annual output of piston, piston pin 50 million supporting production capacity, with Zongshen, Great Yangtze River Wangjiang Suzuki, Lishan, Longxin, Yinxiang, Shandong Huasheng, Italy Piaggio, TTI Group, the United States Bialito, Kohler, Japan Yamaha and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad to establish a long-term cooperative relationship. More than 95% of the products for the host supporting and export sales.
2. Current situation of mold management in machining workshop
There are 2423 sets of mold models in total. Each set of mold is composed of 4-5 sub-electrode molds in complete sets and stored in complete sets. Each sub-electrode mold has independent material label, model and other information, which is composed in Chinese and English.
The mold size is: large diameter 120, high 80, small diameter 60, high 50;
Manual Excel management, open the computer, in the Excel table management, find the corresponding position and to the shelf search.
Three, the main problems we face
1, ordinary cabinet storage, the number of molds is very large, it is very inconvenient to find, inventory management can not be counted
2, many people use, use the record login is not complete, often forget to return, can not trace to find
3. No one controls the night shift, and mold management is chaotic
Four, the design scheme
1. A total of 2423 sets of molds, designed to store 5-6 sets in one cell, and 594 cells storage.
2. The main cabinet is designed with 25 cells, and each auxiliary cabinet has 33 cells, totaling 1 main cabinet and 18 auxiliary cabinets, totaling 619 cells.
3, design intelligent mold cabinet, input instructions, the door automatically pop open, each according to the height of 150-200, 150 wide, 300-400 deep design, considering the mold is heavy, according to each cell bearing 5 kg consideration, in order to eliminate safety risks;
3. In the process of requisition and return, there will be day shift and night shift. In production shift 2, it is suggested that the material number is unique, which can be used for retrieval, filing and inquiry;
5. User feedback
After the user put into production in March 2019, after 1 month's running-in and training, the on-site workers gradually adapt to the more convenient and automatic statistics intelligent management cabinet, and the use feedback is good. After the evaluation of the user department and management department, the second phase project is being implemented.

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