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Intelligent RFID tool management scheme

Intelligent RFID tool management scheme
Detailed introduction:

Intelligent RFID tool management scheme

1、 Tool management issues

1.1 tools are often lost, and the collection and return cannot be tracked and counted in real time

1.2 on important occasions, tools are lost and the risk is huge

1.3 many specifications, large consumption, difficult statistics and inventory

2、 Tool management features

2.1 frequent use and easy loss

It requires quick collection and return, and automatic statistics and records;

Multiple people receive and return, and there is no effective identification scheme;

2.2 high management value and high management cost

In important workplaces, the risk of accidents is high after loss

High value of special tools

2.3 difficult to monitor and count

The specifications and sizes are different, and the quantity of the same model is large

It's hard to check if it's stored in many places

3、 Introduction to RFID tool cabinet and tool car

3.1 function introduction

The intelligent tool cabinet and tool car developed by Suzhou hangruicheng are equipped with an RFID reading device independently developed and designed to bind a specially customized UHF Passive anti metal tag to the tool. Through the intelligent tool management system, the efficiency of tool management is improved, automation and intelligence are realized, the accuracy and efficiency of tool management can be greatly improved, and real-time data update can be realized.

Compared with traditional methods, it has the following advantages:


Intelligent RFID tool cabinet

Traditional way

Collection method

Card swiping and automatic identification record

Fill in the collection return form

Data report

Real time update, automatic generation

Statistics to excel and email


Automatic counting, real-time viewing

Manual inventory is time-consuming and laborious

Storage search

Special location, automatic search

It's hard to find if you store it at will

3.2 photos of intelligent tool cabinet




3.3 software interface



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