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Workshop precision materials and spare parts management scheme

Workshop precision materials and spare parts management scheme
Detailed introduction:

Management solutions for precision materials and spare parts

1、 Brief description of customer consumables management

Most assembly manufacturing enterprises have some core components with small volume and few varieties, but the unit price is very high and the consumption is relatively large.

This part of core components often has some problems in the collection management, such as workers' self collection, inconvenient manual distribution, high unit price but unknown consumption and so on. Enterprises often do not have good management methods and take a variety of measures, but there is still a phenomenon that workers receive and use at will.

2、 Typical problems

2.1 the consumption of consumables and spare parts is very large, and the unit price is high

2.2 it is placed on the site and received by workers without whereabouts record

2.3 ERP manages the general ledger without collecting process management

2.4 there is no on-site real-time inventory, the site is often out of stock, and the workers come to the warehouse to get it

2.5 the warehouse needs to inventory frequently, which takes up a lot of energy

2.6 multi station inventory docking warehouse management requires a lot of energy

3、 Hangruicheng solution

The intelligent storage collection management system independently developed by hangruicheng company provides a one-stop solution for on-site collection management in the workshop.

Quick and intelligent replenishment, workers swipe their cards to pick up materials, automatically record the quantity and process of picking materials, automatically generate picking records, update inventory in real time, remote view and reminder of inventory, etc




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