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Tool consignment management scheme

Tool consignment management scheme
Detailed introduction:

Tool consignment management scheme

1、 Characteristics of tool management of auto parts manufacturers and enterprises with large orders

1. Large batch and high tool consumption

2. Continuous mass processing, fixed tool variety

3. Tool consumption is very large

4. Expensive cutting tools, high unit price and high quality requirements

5. Cutting tools are mainly imported brands with high unit price

6. When the tool is processed to the rated service life, it is forced to scrap and change the tool

7. General contracting and consignment supply of cutting tools are the trend

8. The manufacturer has a strong demand for optimal management of tool zero inventory, which does not account for funds, and requires tool suppliers to sell on consignment

9. The financial pressure of tool suppliers has increased, requiring stable quality and low cost of smart cabinet

2、 Common problems of tool management

1. The tool is repeatedly collected and returned, and the failure is treated for many times

2. The unit price of cutting tools is high and the consumption is particularly large

3. The tool account is not clear and cannot be counted due to excessive storage

4. Night shift unattended

3、 General contracting and consignment management concept of intelligent cutting tools


4、 Introduction to management scheme

4.1 working principle

1. Place a variety of cutting tools in each drawer, and set the net weight of cutting tools, packaging weight, packaging quantity and other data in advance;

2. Calculate the tool taking / replenishment quantity through the weight difference between the switch drawers;

3. The accuracy is up to 0.1g and the measuring range is up to 20kg

4. Automatically take the weight of the turning tool packing box, which can realize the whole storage and collection

4.2 design tool general contracting management scheme for auto parts industry

1. Place it on the workshop site, and the staff shall receive the materials by themselves;

2. Highly simplify the operation, and you can get a variety of tools in about 10 seconds;

3. The analog panel corresponds to the corresponding drawer. When the green light is on, it will pop up automatically

4. Replenishment, collection and return are simple and convenient


4.3 automatic intelligent reclaiming process


5、 Model selection description

Main cabinet upgraded to: 60 drawers

Auxiliary cabinet: 72 drawers, and the corresponding cabinet type shall be selected according to the model and quantity

Increase the cost performance, reduce the number of tool cabinets and reduce the investment of the tool general contractor


6、 Description of scheme features

? it is specially designed for large batch workshops, with large drawer capacity and no need for frequent replenishment

? replenishment is fast and simple, with simple operation, automatic counting and real-time generation of warehousing documents

? settle with the receipt document confirmed by both parties, reduce the collection cycle and greatly reduce the occupation of funds

? replenishment, collection and return are simple, easy to start, and the project success rate is high

? drill bits, taps and blades below 300mm can be stored and replaced flexibly in the future

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